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Business and Entertainment Software Applications

With the continuing emergence of computer technology (business and entertainment), the appalling cost of copyright piracy is projected to mount in parallel. We believe any program to address the matter has to be long-term and self-reliant.

We are in partnership with selected business and games software publishers in a long-term campaign against piracy. IP2 Manila Associates’ Managing Director was the first to conduct a software piracy investigation and enforcement in the country; the case reached the Supreme Court and was decided favorably.

Since our inception, we have conducted over 300 raids which resulted to confiscation of thousands of computers installed with unauthorized software, millions of pirated disks and 21 high-capacity replicating machines. We conducted a raid against a Chinese replicating plant south of Metro Manila which was dubbed by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) as “the biggest raid worldwide in 2005” after we seized over US$60 million worth of disks and machines. That enforcement remains as the only anti-piracy raid personally visited by a Philippine President.