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In recent years, many counterfeit products have become almost as good as the originals. Sometimes, even the legitimate manufacturers as well as professional investigators get confused as to their differences. You will discover that many counterfeiters are actually big syndicates with enormous funding to possess sophisticated machineries and obtain confidential production processes.

In the Philippines, common counterfeit products include garments, shoes & bags, films & musical recordings, business & games software, pharmaceutical & food products, automotive parts, electronics & electrical products, toys, cosmetics and watches. These products are to be found not only in small shops but in large department stores and malls.

In our years of experiences working on many anti-counterfeiting campaigns, we hope to provide a simplified guide for the consumers, on how to differentiate counterfeits from originals. The products are described on general terms.

Apparels, Shoes, Accessories and related products Prices are fairly standard. There are proper hangtags and labels. Prices are too low. There are no proper hangtags and labels.
The products are sold in reputable stores, sales are covered by receipts. The products are sold mostly in "tiange" or flee markets. Usually, no proper receipts are issued.
Proper packaging, boxes, bags or containers. No proper packaging, boxes, bags or containers.
Computer Games and Software Packaging are usually in shrink wrap with security seals No proper packaging or boxes, no shrink wraps, no security seals
Usually comes with "User's Manual", registration cards, sold in reputable stores. No "User's Manual", no accompanying documents, oftentimes sold in "tiange".
Title covers are printed appropriately Title covers are mostly photocopies or of low quality prints
Superior printing quality Inferior printing quality.
Usually one software/game per package and CD or DVD. Bundled with other publishers' software or games.
Transactions are covered by official receipts. Oftentimes, no sales or transaction receipts.
Pharmaceuticals or Medicines With generic name above the brand name No generic name
Mostly using English language in packaging. Uses other languages or foreign inscriptions (Arabic, Chinese etc.)
With BFAD product registration numbers No BFAD product registrations
Industrial, Electronics, Electrical and related products Sold with warranty, documentations, and covered by receipts. No warranty, no accompanying documentations and usually without receipts.
Complete with labels as to the manufacturer, proper use or care instructions. No accompanying labels as to the manufacturing source or codes.
Appropriate packaging and contents. No proper packaging, mostly with incomplete or missing contents

Disclaimer: The guidelines are merely suggestions. Indicators on how to distinguish originals apart from the counterfeits may vary or change. IP2 Manila makes no commitment to supplement and update this information.