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Home and Construction Products

Counterfeiting infects every category in the home and construction market, including appliances (televisions, DVD players), electrical products (batteries, lightings, circuit breakers), construction supplies (cements, roofing materials), cooking equipment (gas and electric burners) and many more.  Fake products are almost always unsafe due to the substandard quality, posing very serious health and safety issues. 

According to the electrical manufacturers’ industry, counterfeiting of their products alone is an US$11-$12 billion crime worldwide. Distributors and contractors could be held responsible for electrical products they sold or installed, whether wittingly or unwittingly. A recent survey by the industry showed that 86% of people engage in electrical installations could not tell the difference between real or fake electrical product, and 68% of respondent did not realize that the product marketed as “surplus” “overstock” or “refurbished” may be counterfeits.

Industry efforts to curb counterfeits include education (about the risks), identification (investigations), enforcements (seizure actions) and prosecution.  Our role is needed usually in identifying importers and distributors, and organizing the seizure actions.

Keeping the mindset of protecting the consumer at any costs, IP2 Manila’s support to the several companies in the industry proved that the problem resulting from use of counterfeits may be prevented.