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Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert should've called out players Not much of what Dan Gilbert said or did Thursday made sense. Gilbert is a smart guy. So when he defends keeping Mike Brown by saying he believes Brown has talent to work with and will succeed with that talent, you scratch your head since Grant procured the players Gilbert trusts are good enough to turn it around. Makes you wonder if the unconscionable loss to the Lakers didn bring about a showdown wherewhere wholesale Oilers jerseys Grant and Gilbert disagreed on whether the Cavs should be sellers or buyers at the All Star break. Especially when Gilbert's answer to the question of buyer or seller was so vague Thursday. That at least would explain why Gilbert found it feasible to blow out an executive who no doubt had spent a season exploring trade possibilities. Now what? Gilbert makes the trade deadline deals himself, off the leg work of interim GM David Griffin? You may remember a hollow grand gesture or two from Gilbert past. But firing Grant in midseason is the grandest, hollowest one of all. The argument that Gilbert had to do something needs exploring. He has done something previously to send the message that he is on the job, won settle for underachievement and will spend and do whatever necessary to turn this franchise into a winner. The letter to fans after LeBron James departed was something he did. It won him the trust and loyalty of his fan base. That fan base has stuck with the Cavs through three years of wandering in the desert. They kept coming to games. They kept watching. What they seen mostly this season is a young team that doesn seem much interested in listening to the defense centric sermons of head coach Brown. What they seen is a team that doesn know how to compete, or, worse, isn interested in competing. Gilbert had a chance to address the problem by walking into his own locker room, with Grant and Brown at his side and reading his players the riot act the way he read it to the departing James, the way he read it to commissioner David Stern when the proposed trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers was in the news. Gilbert can use his passion effectively. It won him more forgiveness than almost any owner has enjoyed in this town. The fact that Gilbert chose instead towas a surprise. As an owner, he hasn't been your basic pound of flesh executioner. Firing Brown the first time seemed angled toward keeping James in town. Hiring Brown back waswas cheap Oilers jerseys china Gilbert admitting to a mistake. Does anyone doubt after all the ugly words aimed at James that Gilbert wouldn take him back? He a business man first and foremost. How does firing his GM in midseason qualify as a good business move? What's the strategy? Is anyone na enough to think that the Cavs' lack of heart is Grant's fault? As a customer, do you suddenly feel good about the franchise with Grant out of the way? Look, if Gilbert has decided he can trust Grant with anotheranother the Oilers jersey high pick in next year draft, that one thing. But that next season. This is two weeks before the trade deadline. And when you stand up there firing your GM while extolling the talents of the roster he built, you make yourself look as delusional as you ever come across. And without guaranteeing a Cavs title before James wins his third, that not easy to do. going to see Mike Brown succeed this year, Gilbert said Thursday. think he will be able to do good things in the next 30 games or so. I think this team is going to be able to do good things. They going to look at each other, look in the mirror, and they going to rally. We going to do everything we can to give them the air cover they need. not surprised Gilbert didn fire Brown. How embarrassing it would be to fire him for the second time, 50 games into a $20 million contract. He may even believe firing Brown would give the players an out,out, authentic Oilers jersey since Brown is demanding defensive effort on a nightly basis (but not coming close to getting it, of course). Gilbert talked of aa cheap Oilers jerseys and environmental change. Lakers in a letter to the commissioner back in 2011. just don see how we can allow this trade to happen, he wrote know the vast majority of owners feel the same way that I do. When will we just change the name of 25 of the 30 teams to the Washington Generals? Today he'd have to understand if the question people are asking is when will the other 24 teams join him. Colts head coach Chuck Pagano announced the hiring of former Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski as a special assistant. Pagano and Chudzinski go back to their days together at the University of Miami. brings a wealth of knowledge and will be a tremendous help to our entire team moving forward, Pagano said. Chances of Pagano words ringing true are at least better than when he described Trent Richardson as a ball of butcher knives following the September trade. Sorry, I know I mentioned that before, but it never gets old. Vinnie Pestano lost his arbitration case with the Indians and will make just $975,0 this season a raise of nearly half a million. He was seeking $1.4 million but now will have to scrape by like the rest of us. The NBA fined Joakim Noah just $15,0 for a tirade in which he took care to drop the F bomb individually on three referees before leaving the court.