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The Management Team

JOHN SACRIZ, Managing Director

“I have known John when he was a Manager at Pinkerton over 17 years ago. Back then, he pioneered the anti-software piracy raids, and he’s still into it – supervising various types of IP investigations for over 20 years now. He designs anti-piracy strategies. Some of the cases involving John’s previous investigations have reached and were decided favorably by the Supreme Court. As an industry leader, he is currently the Chairman and Past-President of COMPACT, the oldest non-profit organization of trademark owners in the country. He is a constant speaker on issues involving on anti-counterfeiting. His management style is admirable, never fails to motivate and inspire his teams of young investigators, and guide the entire organization firm adherence to its vision and mission, and more importantly to its core value of integrity.

One little known fact about John is that on a weekend, you might chance upon him climbing a mountain somewhere, while trying to improve on his photography hobby. On another weekend, he and his son may be seen off-road biking.”

— Atty. Andre PG Betita, Partner, Quisumbing Torres, a member firm of Baker McKenzie

ALEX VILLAFUERTE, Manager-Investigations

“Alex, after graduating from College of Criminology went straight to conducting and coordinating hundreds of IP investigations for several clients. Alex is primarily responsible for investigations involving technology products and software. On a regular basis, Alex and his team coordinate raids against large companies found using pirated software. Alex loves gadgetry and makes use of them in their works. Alex is known for excellence and style. He is considered the most “techie” person in the company. He enjoys shooting as a hobby and is an avid gun club member.”

— Mr. Kirk Middleton, Executive Solutions Group

LEA CARMONA, Manager-Enforcements

“While practicing as a Senior Partner at OBVF Law Firm (now BVF), I have worked with Lea on several significant IP investigations and enforcements. You talk of Lea and you will always be reminded of the vigor and relentless zeal she pursues in investigation. She joined IP2 Manila after graduating from Law school.

Lea heads a team with investigative expertise on fake pharmaceuticals and food products to protect the public from this menace. We are happy having her around especially when investigating sources of counterfeit clothing and fashion products of our clients.”

— Atty. Andrew Michael Ong, Deputy Director General, Intellectual Property Philippines

JANE DEL MONTE, Manager-Accounting

“Jane is one of the pioneers, joined the organization in year 2000. Her dedicated and reliable professional works enabled her to assume her current position after only few years. On a daily basis, she is directly monitoring the expenses, ensuring projects’ viability in terms of funding and supports. I have known Jane to be very strict when it comes to making sure that investigative and enforcement expenses are kept at a minimum for IP2 Manila’s clients.  On a more personal note, I know Jane likes gardening on her spare time, and is always like a child who is contented with just a smile or a simple thank you from her peers.”

— Ms. Flor Pinlac, Levi Strauss Philippines, Inc.

ARNEL DAUSAN, Manager-Logistics

“Arnel (a.k.a. “Ex-O” to younger investigators) is a licensed Criminologist. He leads operations, more like “Ethan Hunt” as you recall the M.I. movies. I remember at one time he had to pay a garbage truck driver so he and his team can collect garbage from a suspect-facility — talk about dedication, determination and commitment. He is known as a team player, a family man, sometimes quiet but everyone’s listening when he speaks. Perhaps his positive energy and adventurous attitude come from his athleticism. Arnel is good at basketball and he sometimes wins PSP games against his son.

Arnel heads a team focusing on fake cars and motorcycle products. He is also well-adept on investigating counterfeit industrial products like construction and electrical materials.”

— Atty. Ferdi Negre, Partner, BNU Intellectual Property Attorneys