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Our Solutions

There are sufficient laws on intellectual property in the Philippines. The laws provide stiffer penalties and sufficient basis for civil, administrative and criminal actions against counterfeiters. Despite this, counterfeiting and piracy are continuing primarily due to profits derive from the illegal activity. There are a number of other reasons: the availability of sophisticated technology required to produce fake products, the almost limitless capitals of syndicates who are mainly behind the illegal activities, and the government authorities' inadequate technical skills in determining counterfeit goods. To add to these, aggrieved IP owners know that it takes unreasonable length of time to prosecute a counterfeiter; and that due to the time and costs involved, trial is not always the viable course of action.

IP2 Manila Associates understand the workings of the enforcement systems available and has established rapport with local enforcement authorities, creating proactive and responsive programs. It protects the interests of its clients by adhering very strictly to making sure that all investigative steps are completed without violation of Philippine laws.

Through the years, based on the collective experiences of IP2 Manila managers and investigators, the company has devised a flexible approach to helping its clients with various problems involving counterfeiting and piracy.

For the benefit of the stakeholders, below is a simplified illustration of the process involved in a successful anti-counterfeiting campaign.